by Retina

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released August 27, 2012

Recorded and Mixed at Legitimate Business in Greensboro by Kris Hilbert



all rights reserved


Retina Greensboro, North Carolina

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Track Name: One
Breathless vitality expelling dust
The mother of mothers from which all was born
I wade through your radial rejection

I see past the spire my kin have erected
I loathe in its shadow armed and contemptuous
Let them rise from their battered knees

And taste the abrasions in blissful deliverance
Let the blockade divulge and crumble
Rendering revelation

For in my dreams I have awakened to a sacred remembrance lost
As we plunged our spear through the mammoths side

Lucid affinity gently transmitting my body
The torrent of vision, infallible and innocent
Reclaiming my loyalty to her legacy
Her infancy
The infant sea
Track Name: Two
Humble children once flourished in discord
Primeval wisdom was locked with the tide
With wings bound by weather tethered and tangled
Reason remaining unborn
Confounding visages painted in the sky
Justified and gave way for a voracious rebellion
Retina awakens diluting the blood of ravenous emperors
“What’s become of this passport to consciousness?
Should the ill survive at the expense of the humble? My only regret….”

The cries of a million now trapped with the whole
Death follows closer than reason
“Gentle the giant now crushing us all
she’s the weight of our past pushing closer
We fly to burning horizons we fly”

There is no construct replacing this organ
Pulsing beats of memory that never forget
“Our mother never forgets
Surrender to all that you are
Break slow
Stand at the alter and fall
Into memory and regret

Believing the hour of death is the hour her children will rest
Our brothers will rest

“Ride down the scale where no man can breath
relieving this chapter of wandering purpose
and resist as she claims our bodies”

Resurrected corpses float In better directions to complete the whole
Lamenting mistaken inception the dawn of redemption brings light to the blinded
Rebirth is promised prosperity
They wait for the call

“Consider my comrade your direction as if you hadn’t a choice and dance in the light of the bay”

“For who can surpass this misguided effort
Should we not embrace our new welcomer and rebuild and rejoice”

“We now belong to our new ‘father’ seized by sea, our withered mother let our ancestral deities stay confined to a page”

“Voyage back to the womb
Retrieve the golden grain
and rebuild and rejoice.”
Track Name: Three
Nursing the foundry
A being of light
Transposed from bodies
A threat nullified

What futile resistance to deluging tide
Expendable kingdoms compacted to dust

But were they not children with vast aspiration,
Too bold for their conscience to bear,
Emulating their mother

Benevolent factions warring for dominance
Each in pursuit of frivolous outcomes

A manifestation of the influence of gravity’s pull
Forcing consumption, destruction, and rebirth